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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I wonder WHY???

When we were younger…

✿ܓLaughter was the cure for almost everything.

✿ܓWe dare to dream and be different.

✿ܓWe’re never short of friends though no facebook &  twitter.

✿ܓFriends were classified by kawan ngaji, kawan skolah, anak jiran etc.

✿ܓSport for us was Teng-teng, Galah Panjang, Chopping, Rounders, Getah, Selipar tiga, Mak-mak.

✿ܓBe it Kampung or Bandar, sumer mesti pernah panjat pokok and main sungai OR longkang…

✿ܓKenduri means Rewang and everyone in the neighborhood is involved at least for 3 days.

✿ܓOn Malam Raya, our parents would gather to make ketupat, rendang and lemang. 
         We de kidz took full opprtunity to play all nite long

✿ܓThere were variety of askem Malaysia and ice kepal. Mine was asam boi limau..yum2
         And you actually buy 'em from makcik umah sebelah

✿ܓIt’s easier to heal from heartbreaks ¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸

✿ܓImpossible was nothing.

✿ܓOur fast food was actually Burger Ramly.

✿ܓNobody cared about fashion and trends (✿◠‿◠)

✿ܓBedak Cuticura was the ONLY make-up we ever needed. Be it boys or galz.

✿ܓWe always say to ourselves ~ Bila aku dah besar aku nak buat itu dan ini.

Why is it Growing up is not how we imagined it to be? How we wish we could go back in time to those care free, stress free days and enjoy the best MOMENTS of our lives ♥‿♥ 

Moral of the stowy: Enjoy what you have, when you have it…coz for all you know it might be the BEST MOMENTS of your life…Tapi sesekali kalu nak menggila apa salahnye kan (¯`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¯)

Am really considering gathering with childhood games, Ramly burger, askem Malaysia and pot-luck (rewang kompom takde yg dapek join..hehehe)

~ XoXoOX ~

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