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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be ThE CHaNgE YOU wanT TO sEe

Words of Mahatma Ghandi…
There are so many things we regret and hate in life…how sometimes we wished to have done things differently with the hope it might have changed the course of our lives. For some, such tot is their strength to continue living…

You could never change the past…But you could promise to NEVER LET IT HAPPEN again… Do you not realize how the series of mistake you did CREATED WHO YOU ARE TODAY…If you knew what you know NOW when you were younger….your life now would have been different, right? So why not make use of what you know now to CHANGE how your life will be in the future (“,)

It’s never too late to change the things in life be it work, relationship and/or dreams. One thing that is constantly evolving in life is CHANGE…One might say when I am so happy and comfortable with my life why bother the change?? HELLO!!! Wake-up…CHANGE comes after you like DEATH!!! As a matter a fact it’s following you like a shadow…its call time a.k.a growing up a.k.a getting older…

Notice how you’re unable to do things you could when you were younger…like playing for hours without getting tired, growing taller and stronger by day, eat and drink anything and everything as much as you want but not growing fatter, hanging out wif friends all night yet able to go for class the next day…

You could never change others, or the situation you are stuck in; unless you change yourself. YOUR SELF is the only thing you have control over. Be it your mindset or perspective or removing yourself entirely from the situation and away from those people…hehehe

If you’re not happy with your life…GET UP!! Do something about it. Stop whining about it!!!
ü  If you hate your job ~ change your job
ü  If you hate working ~ take a break (go unpaid / quit your job)

It’s not impossible. If you never try you will never know. I have seen those doing it…I have seen people challenging CHANGE… Their life is FULL; they are happy and contented…Isn’t that the whole purpose of living?? Being HAPPY. I am not saying it will be easy...nobody said that!! But believe me ~ IT WILL BE WORTH IT ©©©

If your life sucks ~ Be the change you want to see in your life!!! start fixing your life…You are already in your 3 series…it’s time to STOP dreaming and START living your dreams no matter how small they are. Among my childhood dreams are eating MILO for fun…yup the milo powder ~ which my mom won’t let 20 years ago…This dream is to ready to be slashed in my APRIL WISHLIST….hehehehe

I rather die trying knowing that I am on my way living my DREAM life than to die thinking ONLY IF I DARED TO CHANGE. 

~ xOXoOxX ~ 

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