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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boboy the FiGhteR

Boboy ialah anak kucing yang dilahirkan di dapur umahku almost 1 ½ months ago. He’s an all-white kitten. His mom Squiry a stray, is a very young mother, so she doesn’t really know how to take care of her baby. So the experienced mother a.k.a my mom has been helping her out…dari menjadi bidan semasa kelahiran boboy, menyusu and even tuam her n***** coz Boboy kurang menyusu…hehehe

Boboy sangat aktif n manja…and everyone at home loves to play wif him…BTW, Boboy oso sangat garang…jangan cuba usik pipi, ekor, kutu, taik mata or taik hidungnya…be ready to taste his warth!!! I am the ibu tiri, so Boboy spends his time with me when his mom goes out for a date or nature calls.

Earlier this week, my friend came over and we were discussing on a project we wanted to do together…My mom was busy at the kitchen preparing dinner…since Squiry is so popular among the male cats in the alley, an orange cat was waiting for her outside the kitchen gate.

All of a sudden, my mom yelled!! Jijju..si oren dah tangkap Kutty (anak kucing in Tamil). By the time I rushed to the gate, I could see Oren was already at the end of the alley with boboy in his mouth. I rushed to the end of the alley and chased Oren as he turned right and went inside the sealed longkang.

Masa tue, Ya ALLAH…I know there was no way I could get him back…it was already dusk…and can’t see much…but I have to try even if it means I will have go inside the stinky, wet, and dark longkang…As I knelt to go inside the longkang, I saw something white on the longkang floor…I touched it and it was Boboy…Syukur Alhamdulillah.

He wasn’t moving..I couldn’t see blood coz usually male cats would kill kittens by making holes on the neck. I examined him further and saw blood in his ears. It struck me, there must holes somewhere and start searching for it. Then I saw a hole on his neck just under his right ear. Little blood, but he was not moving. I was so afraid he had died.

I started shaking him and prayed to ALLAH…Please ALLAH not yet…please!!! not him, I have big plans for him…then all of a sudden he coughed and started gasping for air…MashaALLAH, there was still hope. I rushed home, and held Boboy close to my heart. He was holding on strong to me.

Waiting outside the gate and confused Squiry followed me into the house and I asked mom what to do. Mom told me to put the medicated Indian oilment on the wound. My friend, shocked (part of it of what has just happened and the other half was seeing my reaction).

Boboy tidak ku lepaskan kerana nafasnya makin kencang…dan aku takut dia sedang nazak…masa tue aku hanya beristigfar…minta ALLAH selamatkan dia…seketika nafasnya makin stabil…barulah aku berikannya pada squiry supaya dia dapat menjilat luka anaknya…coz according to my mom, itulah ubat paling mujarab untuk luka kucing.

Nak bawa ke vet, it was late and kompom tiada lagi yang buka…if Boboy survived the night, he could make it…I told myself…so please ALLAH…let him survive the night…I’ll bring him to the vet first thing in the morning…

Later that night, he was getting stronger and dah mula menyusu…I know there was hope. The next day, he was even better, but still I want to bring him to the vet coz it’s a DARN HOLE on the neck OK!! Furthermore the one that bit him was a stray…so u will never know the implication…

When I brought him to the vet, she asked me whether there was much blood from the wound. I said just a bit, and she feared internal bleeding coz the area around the neck was swollen and hard. He needs an operation!!! HELL NO!! He’s too small, he will not survive the surgery…I have experience it before. I told doctor no surgery, NOT YET. Isn’t there other way?

Understanding my trauma of kitten surgery she japed him and prescribed him antibiotics and vitamins to help him recover. But she told me if things got worse in couple of days, we need to perform the surgery…I told her no worries I will be knocking hard on her door if it does.

It’s been almost a week now…Boboy is getting stronger…he’s eating, pooping and peeing all over the place and playing, but not aggressively…Oh ya…he’s also sangat manja wif me nowadays…dia suka baring di bahu ku…Squiry pula is becoming more protective. She watches over him like a hawk (dat makes the two of us). No other cats are allowed to come even near the gate…be it male or female…

Everyone is praying for Boboy, my sisters in the country and outside, my friend who came, my BFF and Insha ALLAH you guys who are reading this lil stowy of mine ©©…AMEEEN!!

I haven’t seen Oren since the incident…He’s afraid I guess…If I do see him, he not getting treats from me anymore; at least not for some time - unless if he’s really hungry. But be ready Oren for a long lecture from me about being a responsible male cat, dosa pahala n syurga neraka…hehehehe

Boboy is allowed outside but with monitoring…BY ME or an ADULT – Squiry doesn’t count ya ;P. He’s a bit cautious nowadays when he sees other cats…it will take some time but Insha ALLAH the day will come when he will the KING of the AlLeY…

I have learned a lot from the incident… my family as well…the BEST Lesson is “No matter how bad the situation may seem, FIGHT till the end…coz you’ll never know…ALLAH might just be testing you to give you a new lesson in life"   You will never know…but just DON’T GIVE UP even when all hope seems LOST…Give ALL YOUR BEST and pray HARD to ALLAH...Insha ALLAH, you will see HIS wonders ©©

Oh ya – BTW, Madame Mimish is still the QUEEN of the house and our HEARTS…just that that we have a new addition to the family ©©

~ XoxOxXo ~

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