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Monday, December 19, 2011

56kg ~ Mission Possible??

Life in the 3 series nie mencabar betul…kalu dulu senang bangat nak lose weight…nowadays memang senang pun but to put it on ~ SIGH!!! Ditambah laks dengan hormonal changes + effect from environmental change...Oh My GAGA!!!Breakout like nobody’s business :(

I did it once, 2 years ago, lost 15 kg in 3 months…and crystal clear skin ~ how I wish I could do it all over…what the hell, I could give it a shot…I need total makeover on my habits and lifestyle…so gear up zahid ~ time to change ^ ^

Why am I doing this ~ apart than my bro (wak butat) dok kata woi gemuknye ko…melimpah2 kasih sayang mak…rasa macam badan cepat penat, n cepat malas lately…apart than worried as this is time u gotta start taking care kalu tak end up wif all kinda penyakit...

I know semua adalah ketentuan Allah ~ but knowing it could make a difference… I dun wanna wake up one day as a grandma wif full package of kencing manis + darah tinggi + sakit jantung regretting ONLY IF I took the time to give it a shot…ONLY IF I lived otherwise… just can’t let it be =))

Sume orang must have one way dat works for em...dah idup selama nie sure u know how to manage yourself kan…so apa yang ingin ku kongsi kali ini is my way of doing it…I did it once, sure hell I wanna do it again…you could give it a shot if u want oso…My way is thru exercise an eating habits ;P

Masa tue I drank fresh fruit juice daily with at least 2 hours exercise and of course non-stop 3 hours badminton marathon on weekly basis..My badminton kaki is in Q8, so I guess will have to depend on the fruit juice (nie buek sendiri punya ye guna juicer ~ love to mix celery + orange + green apple + tomato + carrot) and as a start an hour daily exercise…but knowing me, cepat bosan…guess have to mix em up ~ belly dancing + yoga + salsa & cha2 + hot pants + tae bo + jogging + aerobic on Sundays kat dataran Shah Alam + poco – poco on Wednesday and perhaps occasionally play badminton n cycling kat Taman Pertanian ye…

Food oso kena control…makan guna pinggan leper yg kecil ye (my sistos call it pinggan pengantin)…masa amek lauk start wif vege, then lauk and finally nasi just to cover the empty spot in de plate…oh ya can oni take breakfast n lunch…dinner latest by 7pm (fruit juice oni ya or vege sup ye)…I had a friend who told me to mix different type of carbs…hari nie nasi, esok noodles, tulat bread and etc…so kena start balik lah nie

Nowadays I definitely can’t live without rice…so kena kawal and reduce consumption….huhuhu…mula memang susah sket, seksanye seminggu dua yang pertama ~ after dat will be all easy…Dulu my friend cum coach told me to forego rice…I did ~ dugaan nye tuhan aje yang tahu…masa tue lah mak aku nak buek nasi ayamlah, nasi minyak lah…argghhh sakit jiwa ku…masa tue makan lauk n sayur sahaja ye…nasi paling banyak pun 2 sudu n nasi direbus n kanji dibuang not using rice cooker…huhuhu…nie pun coz teringin…

Oh ya I noticed kalu reduce consumption of susu pekat manis dalam minuman it helps to control ur weight better…so kena ganti ngan tepung susu…

But when it comes to TEH TARIK ~ MUST use susu pekat manis ye!!!

Cuma kena kurangkan quantity…mula wif ¾ cups then reduce to ½ cup..huhuhu..takpelah aku rela larik keliling tasik shah alam tue janji aku dapat kepuasan minum teh tarik!!!

As for my skin…still figuring out how to manage this…fruit juice is is a real help in reducing breakout but still there…insya allah we will know in 3 months time ya…My skin, I am using Hada Labo (read review its comparable to SKII) and Himalaya now…tried Body Shop but not the one for me ~ takde effect langsung…huhuhu…oh ya but noticed kalu use those masker sheets on weekly basis, memang gud for de skin…kalu tak takdelah depa dok ingat umur akak baru 25 kan…huhuhu…bagi rambut nothing beats weekly coconut oil treatment and occasional milk treatment.

p/s – Kita lihat hasilnye lepas 3 bulan ye…Come on Zahidah ~ Kambate Kudasai!!!!

:: My Teh Tarik Lesson ::Nothing is impossible in this world…difficult to accomplish and banyak halangan YES ~ but Impossible is NEVER….so cuma kena learn to focus on your goal and set a reasonable timeframe to achieve this ~ ACCEPT who you are and WORK from there ~

Buat semua yang sudi membaca...luv u lots =))


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