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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aku sorang aje ke?

Mengapa ada kalanye hidup nie rasa bosan dan tiada kemajuan? Aku rasa hidup ini stagnent aje...nothing interesting is happening in life...lama juga aku alami perasaan nie, since habis degree dulu...banyak benda aku cuba takde perubahan juga...mulanye aku sangkakan hanya aku aje kot...but in the recent years, aku temui ramai yang mengalami situasi yang sama macam aku? So what should we do?

Is this a cycle of life? Adakah semua orang akan mengalaminye? So what do you about it? If you leave it there, will it go away? Well I left it there for years and all I got is a big ball of messy life…sentiasa ku rasakan ada benda yang tidak ku selesaikan dalam hidup nie…and the pile is getting bigger and bigger…I feel I am just a small fish in a big ocean? Where should I go and what should I do???

Thanks to a friend who told me straight to my face... “ if you hate how you’re living ur life, do something about it? Be the change you want to see…no point complaining about it…It changes nothing!!!” Maka mulanye perjalanan mencari what do I want in life…

Banyak juga perkara yang aku discover…about myself, about people and about what matters in life…priority di dalam hidup setiap orang berbeza…its ok kalau your’s is home deco and mine is cooking…that’s coz our passion n interest is different…yang penting being able to respect and understand each other…

Sedar tak sedar 30 tahun sudah berlalu…walaupun ku merasakan banyak benda lagi yang aku belum buat…tetapi banyak juga benda yang telah aku kecapi…Cuma hidup aku nie rasanye when I have accomplish something, I will move to the next level ~ where the goal and journey will be entirely different but meaningful indeed.

Jadi to all those SEEKERS out there…don’t stop believing in yourself…ur not alone and there’s…most importantly not sure about you guys but for me is NEVER leave things UNDONE…tak kisahlah dari tukar bateri jam tangan yang tertangguh sejak 3 tahun lalu to finishing up a craft project which I started 2 years ago…and visiting my friend which I have been postponing for the last 2 years…

2012 nie insha allah aku nak clear up the pending things in my life…from every aspect of life…what ever need to be done I wanna do it…and one if the biggest move in my life is to finish my MBA (finally) been postponing this for the past 6 years…this I gotta do

Walaupun aku merasakan I will never be able to hilangkan this feeling ever, but at least yang penting I am moving forward in life with it. Aku punya strong support system (my family n frenz) yang membantu aku menjawab soalan2 penting dalam hidup ku dan menyokong the changes I want to do in my life…in which aku sangat2 bersyukur for…

Perhaps life is not about what you achieve, how you achieve and when you achieve it…coz eventually as you grow older it will become one of things you did in life…perhaps its the whole journey which will make me feel the fullness of life…and for me to confirm that feeling ~ I will have live my life first ^^


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