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Sunday, January 6, 2013

HaPPy Tots Jar...

2012 was a year of lesson. Though the burden was heavy but YOU gave me the strength to step forward...and I've been walking since then...I am moving forward...towards YOU...so please dun let me go stray once again, Ya Rabb...

My BEST learned lesson in 2012:
  1. If you wanna do something. Dun wait...do it now. Later will be all too late..
  2. Let go of d past and d pain...you learned what you needed to.

2013... I welcome you with an open heart and mind. Best way to start is thru my HappY tOts Jar...I kind got this idea as I was browsing fb :).This is a great idea, Shukran Allah. It looks so fun and I know I will be crying for all YOUR blessings on 31/12/2013

Hope to learn much and in case I forgot to tell you this... I am most grateful for all the things YOU bless me with in 2012... I wouldn't be who I am today if not for the lessons in 2012. I am sooooo looking forward to another blessed year Allah. Please guide me all the way as YOU been doing...Since I go crazy over fancy jars and boxes...my jar is a bit unique... Nevertheless, I know it is sooooo delicious...

Please ignore my model...she can't stand it when you give attention to anything else other than her ;p

D' blessed one

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